Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Torture Chamber

I have a vision of building up a massive Dungeon deck containing tiles from WHQ core rules, the two boxed expansions, the White Dwarf articles, and then including, one by one, any interesting dungeon tile I can print myself or get my hands on from any other source.  For each new tile, I'll mock up a Dungeon card, and each Dungeon room in this deck will have its own special rules to give the adventure more flavor and fun.

I'm already adding special rules to the various Objective Rooms as outlined in prior posts, and White Dwarf has outlined a similar idea with the normal WHQ 4x4 rooms, in issue #204, in the article "Room for Improvement".  I've already adopted the article's idea of adding 1 to the number of Monsters encountered after the heroes descend the Stairway.  In future posts, I outline my adaptations of the rules for the normal Dungeon rooms.  I made a few tweaks, but these are largely adopted straight from the article.  To start with, we have the Torture Chamber.

Torture Chamber - Special Rules

The atrocities that occurred in this grisly room leave a palpable bad taste in the air.  The gruesome implements of torture, pools of congealed blood, and whatever remains of previous victims, are all a grim testament to the unspeakable acts that occurred here.  What's more, the agonized spirits of many of the victims haunt this place, and their presence weighs on the Warriors the longer they remain in this morbid chamber.

Each Power Phase, any Warrior standing in the Torture Chamber must pass a Willpower Check, or suffer -1 Movement.  This effect is cumulative, until the Warrior is reduced to a Movement of 1.  The first time the Warrior passes their Willpower Check, they shake off the effect entirely and their Movement returns to normal for good.  Warriors leaving the Torture Chamber with a Movement penalty must continue to make Willpower Checks until they succeed and their Movement is restored to normal.

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