Sunday, May 29, 2011

Into the Dark

Published in White Dwarf 192, this Dungeon Room exposes a dangerous new sub-level of the Dungeon to the Warriors.  Whether or not they need to descend those foreboding steps depends on whether they can locate the Objective Room on the main level or not.

Into the Dark - Special Rules

  • The Warrior can skirt the stairs if desired, treating the board section as a normal 2x2 sized room.
  • Unexpected Events will never occur on this board section, and Monsters will never enter it.  However, as long as one Warrior is in this room, its dark sorcery prevents any of the Warriors from using magic of any kind.
  • Roll 1D6 and take this many unused Dungeon cards.  Shuffle these with the cards in the current pile.  Replace the pile with the same number of cards as it originally had.  Put the remaining cards next to the Into The Dark board section.  These new cards represent the dungeon sub-level.  The Warriors can explore this sub-level starting with the first card of the new mini-deck just as if they were entering a new dungeon.
  • The sub-level is much more perilous than the level above!  Each time an Unexpected Event occurs, take 1d3 Event Cards instead of 1, resolving "E" type cards before Monsters.  (If you are using the Monster tables instead of cards, use the table one Battle-level higher when rolling for Monsters.)

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