Friday, May 13, 2011

Arcane Observatory

This is the first board section I've introduced into the game that isn't from the core WHQ box or expansion.  It's the "Ruined Observatory" tile from Paizo's GameMastery Ruins supplement.  To get more cards for my Dungeon deck, I purchased a second copy of WHQ from EBay, and use the extra Dungeon cards for any new rooms I want to integrate, using a black Sharpie to simply write the name of the room on the front of the card.

Arcane Observatory - Special Rules

Some long dead Wizard constructed this fabulous domed hall.  Animated stars, comets, and other celestial objects are magically projected onto the ceiling, moving in complex, compelling, elliptical patterns.  The intent of the spectacle is to dazzle and confound intruders, and the Monsters in the dungeon have learned to take advantage of its effects, and have themselves grown immune to its influence.

  • Roll a d6 to determine how many Exit Doors are in the Arcane Observatory, on a 1-3 there is one Exit Door, and on a 4-6 there are two Exit Doors.  Place both Exit Doors in the last row of squares in the room.
  • The Arcane Observatory will trigger an Event on a 1-3 of a d6 roll.
  • Each time a Warrior attempts to perform any action when on a square of this board section that is occupied by the dome, they must first pass a Willpower Check (roll 1d6, add Willpower, and score 7 or higher).  This includes moving (one roll for complete movement, no need to check each square), making an attack, casting a spell, drinking a potion, etc.  If they fail the Willpower Check, they simply forget to do what they had intended, as they are mesmerized by the wondrous spectacle of the stars displayed on the glorious dome overhead.
  • A Warrior standing on the central square of the dome can sacrifice a magical item (Treasure, Weapon, Armor, etc), which causes the spell emanating from the Observatory to be broken for all Warriors.
  • Monsters are immune to the arcane hypnotizing effect of the Observatory.

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