Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black Dais Chamber (Dread King's Throne Room)

I recently acquired the Catacombs of Terror expansion on EBay, but realized when it was delivered that it was missing the Dread King's Throne Room board section.  Never fear, I quickly located a high quality scan of the board section and printed it on photo paper, then glued it to some thick, black card stock, and viola, a Dread King's Throne Room!

I use the rules below when the board section turns up as a normal room in a Dungeon (not the Objective Room).

Black Dais Chamber - Special Rules

  • To determine the number of Exit Doors in the room, roll 1d6.  On a 1-3 there is one Exit Door, and on a 4-6 there are two Exit Doors.  Place the Exit Door(s) along the last row of squares in the room, heading off the left and/or right of the throne.
  • The room will always trigger a Monster Event.  Keep drawing until a Monster Card comes up, shuffling any Event Cards back into the deck.
  • This is a Multi-Level Room, with the ramp the lowest level, the main floor the middle level, and the Dais the upper level.
  • Unsavory magic crackles from the ancient, evil black Dais in this chamber.  Any Monsters on the Dais gain +2 Toughness, and +1 to their Attack and Damage rolls.  Monsters will intelligently use this to their advantage, and in fact as many Monsters as possible will start placed on the Dais.
  • Hand to hand combat cannot occur across the squares that separate the ramp from the upper platform, as these are blocked by the pillars.  Missile and spell fire is possible, however.
  • The Wizard can use a Levitate spell to raise himself or another Warrior from the ramp to an adjacent upper level square.

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