Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lagamuz and PipSqueal FaceSlicer

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Monster Encounter: Lagamuz and 1d6+1 Night Goblins

A feared Night Goblin Shaman, Lagamuz carries around his "mascot" at all times, the particularly vicious Snotling named PipSqueal FaceSlicer.  Lagamuz rescued the creature from a tribe of Savage Orcs that kept it around for entertainment, pitting it against various animals and monsters in impromptu pit fights.  Over the years, the Snotling hardened into a cruel killing machine with razor sharp claws and a bad temper.

Wounds: 12
Move: 4
Weapon Skill: 2
Ballistic Skill: 4+
Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
Initiative: 3
Attacks: 1
Gold: 430
Armour: -
Damage: 2

Special Rules
Goblin Magic (2), Magic Resistance 5+ (Ring), PipSqueal FaceSlicer

PipSqueal FaceSlicer

The first turn that a Warrior is adjacent to Lagamuz during the Monster Phase, PipSqueal will leap from his head and latch himself onto the Warrior's head.  If there are multiple Warriors adjacent, determine which one randomly.  During each Monster Phase that PipSqueal is so attached (including the first) he scratches viciously at the Warrior's face, inflicting 1 Wound on the hapless Warrior.  He is also such a distraction that the Warrior cannot cast spells, and suffers a -1 to all to hit rolls.  In order to dislodge Pipsqueal, a Warrior must complete an Initiative Check (1d6 + Initiative, score 7 or higher).  The Warrior can do nothing more than Move during a Turn that this is attempted.  If successful, the Warrior flings Pipsqueal off, and he scampers back to Lagamuz, ready to leap onto another victim as the opportunity presents (if Lagamuz is dead, he instead scampers off into the darkness).  If the Warrior rolls a 6 on the Initiative Check, he slams the Snotling to the cold dungeon floor, killing it.

If Pipsqueal is slain, Lagamuz snaps, making every effort to engage the Warrior that killed him in hand to hand combat, and getting an additional attack against him each Turn, although both attacks are at -1 to hit in his blind hate.

If Lagamuz is killed while Pipsqueal is attached, the Snotling goes into a frenzy and his damage output increases to 2 Wounds per turn until he is flung off.  When Pipsqueal is finally dislodged, he vanishes into the darkness.

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