Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lost Book of Grudges - Prologue

This Quest follows:  Interlude – Brawl with the Grimslasher Dwarfs.

The scribes that Galius was able to hire with the haul that the Warriors returned from Karak Vegaz provided much valuable intel regarding his Clan, the Stonebrow.  The tastiest nugget of intel is the location of the Stonebrow Clan Book of Grudges!  Every Dwarf Clan has a Book of Grudges where they record offenses and wrongdoings committed against the Clan.  These volumes are magically authenticated by Dwarf Runemasters, and their content is irrefutable.  Galius knows that recovering his Clan’s Book of Grudges will bring him a great step forward in his quest of determining the true reasons for their decline.
The Book lies in the Third Deep within an ancient Stonebrow delve complex that is now the lair of the Blackfang Orcs.  Rumor has it that the monstrous Orc Boss Blackfang himself dwells in this Deep.  The Warriors might not necessarily have to defeat Blackfang, they simply need to recover the Book of Grudges and return alive.  However, Galius does not know exactly where the Book lies, so the Warriors will need to gather clues as they navigate the three Deeps.

Trips to Civilization

Each time the Warriors decide to retreat from the dungeon to go back to a Settlement, this gives Blackfang more time to build up his defenses.  The first time the Warriors come back from a trip to a Settlement, add 1D6 Orcs to the first Unexpected Event.

When the Warriors return to the dungeon from a trip to a Settlement, they come in at full Wounds, like normal.  Also, they can start at the Deep they left off at, without having to traverse through any prior Deeps all over again.
Deep One - The Slave Pens of Ugad
Deep Two - The Spider Pits
Deep Three - Sanctum of Blackfang

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