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The Lost Book of Grudges: Deep One – The Slave Pens of Ugad

(Quest Prologue

The old Stonebrow delve that the Warriors must infiltrate is now the stronghold of the Blackfang Orc tribe, led by Blackfang himself, an Orcish abomination with powers unique to his kind.  As the Warriors descend the slimy caverns that lead to the first Deep of the lair, they think over what they know about what's ahead.  They are about to  tresspass into the brutal slave pens where the tribe’s wretched victims toil in misery.  The Orc Slave Master Ugad takes a perverse delight in his job, and has actually undertaken a program of cross-breeding between Human slaves and Orcs to try and produce the perfect slave.  The result of this effort are his twisted Children of Ugad.  These degenerate Half-Orcs fight viciously but maintain a spark of inner fire that the Warriors might be able to exploit.

Setting up the Dungeon Deck
  • If you wish, you can include the Objective Room cards in this Deep and use them as either normal dungeon rooms, or with the rules published on this blog.  But set aside Gorgut's Lair, it should not be used in this Deep.
  • Reserve the Fire Chasm and the Dungeon Cell cards, then draw 11 cards from the deck.  Shuffle in the Dungeon Cell, giving you a stack of 12 cards.  Draw 6 cards from this stack, then shuffle in the Fire Chasm.  Place the remaining 6 cards on top of the stack of 7, resulting in a 13 card Dungeon deck.
Freeing Slaves
Warriors can encounter slaves in this Deep through Event Cards, or in the Dungeon Cell.  It's not necessary to use models to represent slaves, but it can be handy to place a die next to the board section on which slaves appear to track how many there are on each board secrion.
  • A Warrior on the same board section as a slave can attempt to free them by spending their entire turn in the process.  The Warrior must be armed with a melee weapon or similar instrument and pass a Strength Check.  If the Warrior rolls a 1, consult the table below to determine the outcome.
  • A Warrior with a Lockpick Tools, a Key of some sort, or a special lock picking ability can pick the locks on a slave’s manacles. Follow whatever rules are appropriate based on the method being employed.
  • Freeing a slave grants the Warrior 1 Luck Token.
Slave Freeing Fumble Table
1. The unthinkable has happened, and the Warrior’s inaccurate blow strikes the slave instead of the chains, killing him outright.  The Warrior loses all Luck tokens they currently possess.
2. The Warrior’s blow strikes the slave in the leg, and he screams out in agony.  Unless he is healed by the end of the turn he dies, with the same result as 1 above.
3-4. The Warrior's Weapon flies from his hands after it strikes the stone floor.  Take a small die and drop it from about a foot above the board section to determine where the Weapon lands.  The Warrior must move over to that square to retrieve the Weapon if he wants to ever use it again.
5-6. The Warrior strikes the dungeon floor, and their weapon shatters unless it passes an Item Saving Throw.
The Dungeon Cell
Within the cold and damp Dungeon Cell are the filthy pens where the slaves are kept when they are not working.  The exhausted slaves register a faint glimmer of hope when they see the Warriors enter. They plead for the Warriors to break their bonds, but to act quickly because their slave masters are not far away.
  • The Warriors find 1D6+1 slaves chained to the walls here.  They can attempt to free these slaves using the rules described above.
  • During the Monster Phase, roll 1D6 for each Warrior who attempted to free a slave that turn.  For each roll, consult the table below to see what Monsters (if any) were attracted by the noise.  Place all of the Monsters right next to the Warriors.
1. 1D3 Orcs (1-3 Armed with Swords, 4-6 Armed with Bows).
2. 1D3 Goblin Spider Riders.
3. 1D3 Children of Ugad.
4. 1D3 Night Goblin Netters and Clubbers.
5. 1D3 Black Orcs.
6. Nothing.
  • The Warriors gain a Treasure Card only after all of the slaves in the Dungeon Cell are freed (or dead) and any Monsters defeated.

The Fire Chasm Objective Room
  • Place two doorways in the room, at the opposite end of the Chasm.  The first doorway leads to a steep stone stairway down to Deep Two.  The second doorway allows the Warriors to continue exploring the dungeon after they complete this room, if they desire.
  • All of the special rules for crossing the Fire Chasm Rope Bridge apply here.  The Monsters, however, do not need to roll to cross the Bridge.
  • Ugad the Slave Master makes his final stand against the intruders, flanked with his squad of Orcs and Children of Ugad.  Roll two dice for the Orcs and two dice for the Children of Ugad, and use the highest number rolled in each pair to determine how many Monsters are with Ugad.
  • Ugad himself will remain on the other end of the chasm while his guards attempt to cross and attack.  These Monsters do not need to roll to cross the Rope Bridge like the Warriors must, they are familiar with every plank on the bridge and know just where to step.  From his position across the Chasm, Ugad will attempt to use his Barbed Chain whenever he can to snag a Warrior and pull him into the Fire Chasm, sending him to a fiery doom.
  • When the Warriors defeat all the Monsters in this room they find the Dwarven Stone RuneDisk Treasure Card (see below).  They can now choose to enter the doorway leading down to Deep Two, or continue exploring this Deep by going through the other doorway.
Special Event Cards
Use the 6 special Event Cards described below, shuffled in with 12 random Event Cards.  Place this stack of 18 cards on top of the Event Deck to use for this adventure.  Note that any Dwarf Event Card drawn should be treated as Grimslasher Dwarfs, with no Reaction Roll.
1. 1D6+2 Grimslasher Dwarfs
The Warriors are not alone trying to locate the Stonebrow Book of Grudges!  These Grimslasher Dwarfs are hostile and attack immediately.

2. 1D6+3 Orcs with 1D3 Chained Slaves
Each turn that a Warrior attempts to free a chained slave, an Unexpected Event will occur on a 1 or 2 in the next Power Phase, due to the noise made in the rescue attempt.
3. Slave Labor
The Warriors encounter 1D3+1 slaves chained to the walls, performing repairs on the dilapidated masonry in the area.  If a Warrior rolls a 1 when trying to break a slave’s manacles, roll on the Fumble table like normal, but additionally the Warrior has caused a section of the masonry to collapse, inflicting 1D6+2 Wounds on the Warrior, and killing the slave on a 1-3 on 1D6.  Each turn that a Warrior attempts to free a chained slave, an Unexpected Event will occur on a 1 or 2 in the next Power Phase, due to the noise made in the rescue attempt.

No Treasure Card for completing this Event.
4. 1D6 Children of Ugad (50% chance with 1D3 Chained Slaves)
Each turn that a Warrior attempts to free a chained slave, an Unexpected Event will occur on a 1 or 2 in the next Power Phase, due to the noise made in the rescue attempt.
5. Ugad the Slave Master with 1D3 Children of Ugad and 1D6 Chained Slaves
If Ugad was already killed, draw another Event Card.  If Ugad is reduced to zero wounds, he manages to down a vial of Orc Fire Brew after the Warriors leave the scene.  He will reappear in the Objective Room, but at 1D6 fewer Wounds than his maximum, still bearing the scars of his last beating.  Each turn that a Warrior attempts to free a chained slave, an Unexpected Event will occur on a 1 or 2 in the next Power Phase, due to the noise made in the rescue attempt.
6. Slave Auction
A group of 1D3+3 Orcs are gathered around a Black Orc who has 1D6 chained slaves on auction.  Place the Black Orc auctioneer out of contact with the Warriors if possible.  Each turn that he remains out of contact with the Warriors, he ruthlessly slays a helpless slave.  Better to kill them now then let them escape!  In addition to the normal Treasure Card for completing this encounter, each Warrior can make a Gold roll x10 to see how much of the coin from these exchanges that they can scrounge up.  Each turn that a Warrior attempts to free a chained slave, an Unexpected Event will occur on a 1 or 2 in the next Power Phase, due to the noise made in the rescue attempt.
Special Treasure Cards
Use the 6 special Treasure Cards described below, shuffled in with 12 random Treasure Cards.  Place this stack of 18 cards on top of the Treasure Deck to use for this adventure.
1. Orc Fire Brew (45 Gold)
A dented tin canister contains a mouthful of frothing, scarlet red liquid.
Orcs use this potent brew to invigorate themselves.  When a Warrior drinks, roll 1D6, add his Toughness, and consult the table below:
2-3. The Warrior falls to the floor, writhing in agonizing spasms.  He loses 2D6 Wounds unmodified and, if he survives, is knocked out for 1D6 turns.  After this point he remains at -1 Weapon Skill for the remainder of the adventure.
4. The searing brew does not sit well in the Warrior’s gullet.  He immediately hurls it up, and is so shaken that he is at -1 Weapon Skill for the remainder of the adventure.
5. The brew churns in the Warrior’s stomach.  While it does not harm him, the Warrior must spend an entire turn standing still and doing nothing else while he regains his composure.
6-7. The Warrior feels a kick in his gut as the brew goes down.  He is restored to one half of his Wounds if he is currently below that level.
8-9. The Warrior tolerates the strong brew and regains 1D6 Wounds.
10+ The Warrior feels a wave of new strength.  He regains all of his lost Wounds, and gains an extra 1D6 temporary Wounds that last for the remainder of the adventure.
2. Brand of Ugad (0 Gold)
This long iron brand is shaped into the form of a jagged Orcish rune.
When brandished, no Child of Ugad will move within 1 square of the wielder, and if adjacent, will move away during the Monster Phase to maintain this distance, ignoring pinning.  Requires one hand to use during a turn.  So, a Warrior could brandish the Brand of Ugad while using a Sword, but could not use his Shield during that turn.
3. Skull Keys (0 Gold)
A set of thin, iron keys dangles from a metal hoop, the tops of the keys decorated with grinning skulls.
These keys can be used to free chained slaves without making any noise or risking hurting the slaves in the attempt.  The Warrior using the Skull Keys must roll an Initiative Check.  If he fails, he doesn’t locate the correct key for the particular set of manacles, but can try again next turn.  If he succeeds, the lock pops open and the slave is freed.  However, roll a 1D6 at this point.  On a 1, the key is stuck in the lock and cannot be removed, rendering the item useless.
4. Spider Powder (50 Gold)
A grey clay jar contains an extremely fine, dust-like powder.  A pictogram of a spider is painted on the side of the jar.
The jar contains 1D6 handfuls of Spider Powder.  A Warrior can throw a handful at a Giant Spider in an adjacent square, killing it immediately.  Up to one handful can be thrown per turn.
(GM’s note: The powder will also put a Gigantic Spider to sleep for 1D3 turns.  A sleeping Gigantic Spider can be hit automatically, but doing so wakes it up.)
5. Rope (5 Gold)
A length of thick black rope appears to be in fine condition.
This length of Rope can be used just like the Dwarf’s Rope Equipment Card.
6. Door Spikes (10 Gold Each)
A dirty leather satchel contains 1D6 Door Spikes.
A Warrior can spend 1 Movement point to spike a door shut, and can spend 1 Movement point to remove a Spike.  Figures on the other end of a Spiked door must try to force it open during the Exploration Phase, passing a Strength Check to do so.  Up to 2 adjacent figures can attempt this each turn.
The special Treasure Card below should be given to the Warriors after they defeat all the Monsters in the Fire Chasm Objective Room
Dwarven Stone RuneDisk
This ancient stone disk is engraved with several rows of Dwarven runes, written in a long-lost dialect.
A Dwarf could try to sell this item in any Dwarf Guildmasters.  To see how much he is offered, he should roll any number of dice and multiply the result by 25.  However, if any dice come up a 1 then there was no one interested in purchasing the relic this time around.
(GM’s note: This item can be used in Deep Three to open a secret stone portal.)

(Continued in Deep Two - The Spider Pits)

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