Friday, July 15, 2011

Children of Ugad

(Half-Orcs by Fenryll Miniatures)

These twisted creatures are the result of Ugad’s unholy breeding program to produce the perfect slave.  They are the result of several generations of Human slaves bred with Orc stock.  While fierce and tenacious fighters, they retain a small spark of something more noble in their core, and a Warrior can sometimes get through to them, past the latticework of pain that surrounds their minds.
Wounds: 6
Move: 4
Weapon Skill: 3
Ballistic Skill: 4+
Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
Initiative: 4
Attacks: 2
Gold: 90
Armor: -
Damage: 1D6

Special Rules
Twisted Soul

Twisted Soul
The Children of Ugad are wretched creatures that act based on their cruel training and breeding, but who possess a core of free will that the Warriors can attempt to reach.  Considering their unfortunate state, any Warrior killing a Child of Ugad loses one Luck token.  Instead of attacking a Child of Ugad, a Warrior can attempt to reason with him in an attempt to break the twisted hold that Ugad has over him.  To succeed, the Warrior must be adjacent to the target, and pass an Initiative Check (with non-humans suffering a -1).  When a Warrior succeeds in finally breaking down the psychological barriers enveloping a Child of Ugad’s mind, roll below:

Children of Ugad Mental Breakthrough Table

1. The malice in the Child of Ugad’s soul is too strong, and takes over the creature’s personality. From this point forward it gains +1 Attacks, although it makes all of its to-hit rolls at -1 in its frenzy.

2. The trauma of the event is too much for the poor creature, and it drops dead before the Warrior’s eyes.  The Warrior does not collect any Gold for this Child of Ugad, but they don't lose a Luck token either.
3-4. Its eyes focusing in a newfound clarity, the Child of Ugad flees the scene, ignoring pinning.  Remove it from the board section.  The Warrior collects Gold for this Child of Ugad.
5. The Child of Ugad turns on its masters, and fights with the Warriors for the remainder of the battle.  After the combat, the poor creature vanishes into the darkness of the dungeon.  The Warrior collects Gold for this Child of Ugad.
6. The Child of Ugad bonds with the Warrior that freed it.  It will stay with the Warriors for the duration of the adventure, fighting alongside them.  The Warrior collects Gold for this Child of Ugad.

For result 5 and 6 above, the Warrior who succeeded in breaking through to the Child of Ugad controls it until it is no longer in play.  The Child of Ugad moves immediately after the Warrior, and will remain adjacent to the Warrior if at all possible.

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