Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trollslayers and Strategic Retreats

We had a session yesterday where someone played a Trollslayer. The special rules of the Objective Room indicated that 4 Monsters should be spawned every Monster Phase. The Warriors needed to gather as much information from the room as they could while holding off the Monsters. The Warriors had to decide when to cut and run, so there was a tense balance between fear and greed, because the more information they collected from the room the more Gold they would earn. Now, this was a special Quest of my own devising, but I played at least 1 Quest from the Adventure Book where a new Event Card is drawn each turn in the Objective Room.

The conundrum was with the Trollslayer's rule of always having to fight the biggest Monster and never retreat. In this scenario, the Trollslayer was surely doomed, just stepping foot into the Objective Room, since the flow of Monsters was nonstop!

This house rule is intended to give a Trollslayer a chance to make a tactical retreat, rationalizing that, by leaving monsters behind now, he will have the chance of a MORE glorious death fighting BIGGER monsters in the future!

Trollslayer Strategic Retreat

When the Trollslayer is faced with the choice of either making a strategic retreat or fighting monsters (for example if the quest objective is completed and there are still monsters on the board), he must make a special Willpower Test. Roll a number of dice equal to the Trollslayer's Willpower. Compare this to the highest Starting Wounds value of all of the monsters on the board. If he rolls higher, the Trollslayer may make the strategic retreat. Otherwise, he grimly wades into the monsters, despite all odds.

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