Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shaman's Den

Paraphrasing the special rules for the Shaman's Den board tile from Lair of the Orc Lord.

Shaman's Den - Special Rules

  • When the Warriors first enter the room, the strange energy swirling about in the room has the following effect on the Wizard, or any other spellcasters (roll 1D6):
    1. While in the Shaman's Den, the Wizard may not cast any spells at all.
    2-4. While in the Shaman's Den, the Wizard finds that he cannot cast one of his spells (determine randomly).
    5-6. The Wizard is infused with power while in the Shaman's Den, and adds +2 to the Power roll each turn (although rolling a 1 triggers an Unexpected Event as normal).
  • After resolving the Event in the room, the Warriors may search the Shaman's Den for extra treasure.  Reposition the Warriors in the room according to the Search Rules, then roll below:
    1. The Warriors find no extra treasure, but make such a racket that they must draw another Event Card, and also put Skabnoze in the room as well as any Monsters from the Card.
    2-4. The Warriors find an iron flask chained to the ground, containing a healing potion.  Each Warrior can drink a dose, healing 2D6 Wounds.
    5-6. Each Warrior finds a glittering Talisman, possibly of Elven design.  Once per adventure, a Warrior can use the Talisman to stop a single attack that otherwise would have hit (declare before rolling damage).  The Talismans are worth 250 Gold each.

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