Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Charnel Caverns

This board section is based on the Cavern Corridor tile from Paizo's Ambush Sites Map Pack.

Charnel Caverns - Special Rules

There are many catacombs sprinkled throughout the World's Edge Mountains where the bones of ancient civilizations were laid to rest. Due to the influence of Chaos in the vicinity, often these brooding caverns become infested with the "restless dead" who rise when they sense the very rare presence of life in their gloomy halls.

  • The Charnel Caverns board section does not trigger an Event when the Warriors enter. Furthermore, it employs special rules for Unexpected Events. Rather than an Event occurring on a roll of 1 in the Power Phase, rolling a 1-5 will result in an undead rising at the end of one of the six chambers in the caverns (determine which chamber randomly). Use the following table to determine which type of undead has risen based on the Power Die roll. Undead will rise in the Power Phase as long as at least 1 Warrior is in this board section.
    1. Skeleton
    2-3. Zombie
    4. Ghoul (do not Break)
    5. Wight
  • While the 6 charnel chambers are the site of rising undead, they also potentially contain great wealth for the Warriors to explore. A Warrior that begins their turn standing in the last square of one of the chambers can search the chamber in the Exploration Phase, providing they performed no other action that turn. They rifle through the ancient chapel tomb for lost riches. Roll 1D6 each time a Warrior searches a chamber in such a manner (each chamber can be searched only once.)
    1. Restless Dead! Roll 4 dice. Use the table above to determine the type of undead spawned in the chamber, next to the offending Warrior.
    2. The Warrior disturbs some fragile stonework in their rummaging, and tons of ancient walls and ceiling work falls down around them. The Warrior takes 2D6 Wounds.
    3. The Warrior spend some time going through some crumbling pottery but discovers nothing of value. They can search the chamber again next turn if desired.
    4. The Warrior finds some interesting hieroglyphs inscribed on the walls of a tomb. Pull out an Objective Room Treasure Card. The inscriptions reveal the location of this valuable artifact. Use this as a hook for a future adventure. If this result was already rolled, re-roll.
    5. The Warrior uncovers a cache of ancient coins. They can make a standard Gold roll (x20) to determine the value.
    6. The Warrior pulls out a valuable relic from under the rubble of a crumbled tomb - take a Treasure Card.
You might find this room a bit difficult to manage in a game. The continuously spawning undead make it hard to leave the room since the Barbarian cannot Explore through the doorway while there are Monsters on the board section. I use a modified Exploration Phase house rule, so the mechanics here work more seamlessly in my games.

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