Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interlude - Fight with the Grimslasher Dwarfs

This interlude in the mini-campaign will occur after the completion of The Great Vault of Spiked Arena adventure.

As the Warriors enjoy their evening meal in the Inn, they are accosted by a group of five surly looking Dwarfs.  They identify themselves as members of the Grimslasher Clan, a Clan of some renown in the area.  The Dwarfs act quite belligerent to the Warriors, and demand to know what exactly they've been doing with that sorry disgrace Gallius Stonebrow.  They bluntly tell the Warriors in no uncertain terms to keep their noses out of business that doesn't concern them.  In fact, the leader of the group does the best he can to get up on his toes and right into one of the Warrior's faces!

Any provocation or argument by the Warriors will quickly escalate into an all-out brawl.  Use the Bar Room Brawl mechanics published in Deathblow #3 (with slight house rule tweaks by me).  Place 5 Dwarf Warriors, and then roll 2D6 to see how many other patrons are at the tavern at this time.

A Warrior who brings a Dwarf to zero Wounds can make a Gold roll (x20) to see how much they collect.

If the Warriors manage to defeat all of the Dwarfs (not easy!) this news will quickly pass throughout the Grimslasher Clan, and as the stories get told and retold, the Warriors will take on an almost mythic significance to these Dwarfs.  From this point forward, the Grimslasher Dwarfs suffer the effects of Fear when facing the Warriors.  For purposes of their Fear Tests, Dwarfs have a Willpower of 4.

If the Warriors are all reduced to zero Wounds, the Dwarfs quickly rifle through their possessions before running off.  Each Warrior loses 2d6x50 Gold (roll separately).

This campaign continues with The Lost Book of Grudges - Prologue.

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