Friday, June 3, 2011

Monsters for Hire

E - Monsters for Hire

Keep this Event Card to the side until, during normal play, a Monster Event Card is drawn that contains Monsters of an intelligent or semi-intelligent type. For example, no Giant Rats or mindless Skeletons, but Orcs, Goblins, or Skaven.

The group of Monsters drawn is opposed to the other creatures inhabiting this Dungeon level, and offer their services to fight alongside the Warriors. These Monsters will accept an offer of Gold for their services. The minimum amount that can be offered is equal to the total Gold value of the Monsters. The Warriors can make a Gold offer, or decline. Note that if there is a Trollslayer in the party he will always attack the Monsters, and an offer will never be given.

If the Warriors decline the offer, the Monsters will attack. Simply run the combat as normal.

If the Warriors make a Gold offer, roll 1d6 for every 50 Gold that the Warriors offer. If any of the dice come up a 6, the Monsters accept the offer, and will henceforth move and fight alongside the Warriors until they are all slain, or the Adventure is over.

If there are no 6's rolled, then the Monsters refuse the paltry amount that the Warriors offered, and attempt to leave the scene, WITH the Gold! The Warriors can attack them at this point if they desire, or simply allow them to wander off.

Draw another Event Card immediately, and discard this one after it is played.

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