Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Multi-Level Rules

This post is to nail down the specific rules for Multi-Level rooms that I plan to use in my WHQ games and campaigns.  Most of the rules are taken directly from the Lair of the Orc Lord Rule Book, but I'm clarifying a few items, and adding the capability of the Levitate spell to have an effect.
  • Unless otherwise specified, figures can move to a different Level only via a stairway.  Being on a stairway counts as being on the higher Level.
  • Figures on a higher Level gain a +1 for missile and hand to hand attacks against models at a lower Level, and those at a lower Level suffer a -1 when attacking models on a higher Level.
  • Figures on different Levels do not pin each other, even when adjacent.
Climbing Up or Down a Level with the Rope
  • This takes all of a figure's movement for a turn, and allows the figure to move to one adjacent square on the different Level.  Roll to break the Rope as normal after complete.  Other figures can use the Rope employed by the first climber.  It is assumed the Rope is tied to the ledge and collected after everyone has used it.
Jumping Down to a Lower Level
  • A figure can jump down to an adjacent square on a lower Level as a normal move.  They must make an Initiative Check.  If they fail, they take 1d6 Wound unmodified, and fall down in the target square, ending their turn.  They remain prone until the start of their next Warrior Phase.
Climbing Up a Level without the Rope
  • A figure can attempt to climb to an adjacent square on a higher Level, this takes all of their movement for the turn.  They must pass an Initiative Check (9 difficulty).  Failure indicates they fall back down to the original square, take 1d6 unmodified Wounds, and remain prone there until the start of their next Warrior Phase.
Levitate Spell
  • The Levitate Spell can move one Warrior to an adjacent square on a different Level.  The target Warrior cannot make any further movement that turn.
Monsters and Multi-Level Rooms
  • If stairs are present in a room, Monsters will always use them and never try to climb.  However, many Monsters (such as Giant Spiders and Giant Rats) have the Wallcrawler ability and need not use the stairs to move to a different Level.

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