Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hall of Astaroth

There's nothing like a great dungeon tile to get the creative juices flowing.  In my scouring of the web for high-quality tiles to add to my Dungeon Deck, I came across the French site Donjon-Esseclay, and this Hall of Astaroth.

Hall of Astaroth - Special Rules

The Cult of Astaroth infests the lower dungeon levels of the World's Edge Mountains, although sometimes evidence of their foul presence can be found higher up.  They perform diabolical rituals and sacrifices in these dread halls, and the presence of the arch-demon Astaroth is strong in this chamber as a result.

Each Power Phase that Warriors are in the Hall, select a random Warrior in this board section.  The presence of Astaroth has decided to focus on this Warrior, and he gains one "Possession Point".

Warriors can spend their Possession Points at any point during their Warrior Phase, one per Turn.  If a Warrior has any Possession Points left over when the adventure ends, Astaroth is far from satisfied, and in his prolonged hunger he feeds on the very soul of the Warrior.  The Warrior loses 1 Starting Wound for each Possession Point left over.

When a Warrior spends a Possession Point, roll below to see what the effect is:

1. Astaroth manifests himself in you with a deceit.  The next time you suffer any attack or damage, you must nominate a different Warrior next to you (if possible) to be the target, instead of you.
2. You raise your arms and your eyes begin to give off an eerie glow, as your entire body levitates for a Whole Turn.  See the Wizard Spell Levitate for effects.  You can do nothing this Turn.  However, any Monsters on the board section are so creeped out by this that they suffer the effects of Fear against you for the rest of the combat.
3. The blood drains from your head and you vomit out a vile mass of something that looks like pea soup.  You are so weakened that you are at -1 Toughness for the remainder of the adventure.
4. You grin maniacally, and raise your arms as if to embrace the Monsters fighting you, a demonic grin on your face.  You can do nothing this Turn, and any Monsters fighting you hit automatically.  If there are no Monsters present, Astaroth is displeased, and feeds from your soul, remove 1 Starting Wound.
5. Astaroth compels you to attack the closest Warrior in hand to hand combat.  You can ignore Pinning if you need to move to a Warrior this Turn.  If there is more than one possible target, determine one randomly.  If you cannot reach a Warrior this Turn, Astaroth feeds on 1 of your Starting Wounds.
6. You begin uttering filthy curses at your fellow Warriors, and can do nothing more this Turn.  This does little more than cause you a great deal of embarrassment.

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