Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One of the Warriors steps into a deviously placed snare, and a rope wraps around their ankle, lifting them heels over head to dangle a few inches above the dungeon floor.

Take a Warrior counter to see who has stepped into the snare. That Warrior can do nothing until freed, and can be hit automatically in hand to hand combat.

To get free, the Warrior must cut the rope, requiring a bladed weapon, and a Test against Weapon Skill (1d6 + WS and score 7 or higher). An adjacent Warrior can also attempt to cut down an ensnared Warrior, this requires an entire Warrior Phase.

After being cut down, the Warrior drops to the ground, taking 1d6 Wounds, modified for Toughness but not Armour, and remains prone (+1 to be hit) that turn.

Draw another Event Card immediately.

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