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Baron Von Keingelt summons the Warriors hastily to his manor at the outskirts of Altdorf.  His demeanor is both irritated and stressed.  After further review of the documents the Warriors procured from the Cult of Nurgle in the sewers below, the Baron has learned some very alarming news.  It seems that the Cult was summoning a Beast of Nurgle to leash upon the rising tide of Skaven swelling up from below the sewers.  Now that this plan has been thwarted, the Skaven are unchecked.  The Cult's documents relate the story of a captured Skaven Clanrat who divulges that the Clan's Breeder is about to birth a new litter.  A Breeder so close to the surface of Altdorf is unacceptable!  The Warriors must venture through the mysterious boarded up door they encountered in the Summoning Room, penetrate the Skaven tunnels under the sewers, and locate and exterminate the Breeder.

The Baron explains that the Warriors must take care of this problem immediately, and there will be no further payment.  The City is already getting the sense that the Warriors botched the last job, leaving Altdorf vulnerable to the menace that many in Empire society still refuse to acknowledge the existence of.  If the Warriors don't rectify the situation, their reception on Altdorf will be impacted.  To represent this, each Settlement Event roll must be rolled twice, and the least favorable outcome selected.

Dungeon Deck

Create a standard Dungeon Deck using the Fighting Pit to represent the Breeder's Pit.  Don't include any other Objective Rooms in this Dungeon Deck, keep the level simple.


Whenever a Monster Event Card is drawn, roll on the Skaven Level 1 Monster Table.

Objective Room

The Warriors enter a room containing a filthy, fetid pit, within which is the bloated, barely mobile, Skaven female Breeder of the Clan.  Place the Breeder somewhere within the Pit itself.  She is attended and guarded by 2D6 Clanrats, 1D6 Stormvermin, and Festid Stormvermin Champion (assuming he has not been killed).  Place as many of these as possible on the upper level of the room, and any remaining within the Pit.

In order the descend into the Breeding Pit a Warrior needs to either climb down or jump.  Use the Climbing and Jumping rules for Multi-Level rooms documented here.

The commotion of battle in the Breeding Pit, and the calls of the embattled rat-men, has a chance of alerting Clanrat reinforcements to come to Breeder's defense.  At the end of each Monster Phase, roll a number of dice equal to the quantity of Skaven still alive.  For each die that comes up a 1, place another Clanrat at the entryway to the room.

Once the Skaven are killed, the Warriors can easily exterminate the defenseless Breeder.  In the chamber the Warriors locate a horde that the semi-intelligent but vain Breeder was accumulating, composed of coins, jewelry and various trinkets.  Each Warrior can roll as many dice as they wish and multiply the result by 10 to determine how much Gold they locate.


With the Skaven Breeder put down, City officials have some breathing room to plan further action against the lingering menace.  The Warriors are thanked for their efforts and their standing in the City is restored to normal.

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