Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reckless Dice Podcast

Just a quick recommendation to listen to the Reckless Dice Podcast.  This show is quite well produced and well organized.  The hosts deliver interesting and useful information dedicated to WHRP 3rd Edition, but also on the Warhammer World in general.  This in particular can spark many good ideas that can transfer easily into WHQ campaigns.  The Actual Play episodes of this Podcast are also very well done, and have cleared up many of the questions I had about WFRP 3E.

One tidbit that the hosts mentioned was a huge map of the Warhammer World that one of them put together, complete with tools that can automatically calculate the travel time between various locations.  This labor of love took over 400 hours to produce, and includes all of the official published maps of the Old World as well as integrating content from the novels and WFRP 3E.  As soon as I find myself with a few free hours I intent to track this down and dive into it - I think it can be very handy for WHQ travel between adventures!

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  1. You can find the map at

    Very wizzy :-)

    I like this resource a lot, thanks for a great find, DelveLord