Monday, September 26, 2011

Prep for Session Three

Littlemonk, that prolific scribe of all things WHQ, is producing a MASSIVE tome of Warhammer Quest adventures.  He has graciously made available a preview of this work in "in progress" form.  Since my next session is two days away, it is time to think about a new Quest to introduce to the group.  So far, the party has one uncompleted Quest to an ancient Dwarf Tomb as a possibility.  Additionally, they've discovered a mysterious Skaven-marked, boarded shut, door in a room deep in the sewers under Altdorf.

The first adventure is already written and waiting in the wings (Scribe of the Fallen Clan).

The second adventure needs some fleshing out from my end.  I am thinking that the Cult of Nurgle that the Warriors decimated last session was actually summoning a Beast of Nurgle to unleash upon the rat-men below.  Now that the effort has been thwarted, the Skaven are unchecked, and the Warriors must venture into their lair to take out the Breeder.

For a third option (always good to give the players choices) I am rolling on Littlemonk's adventure tome.  Let's see, the first roll is a 2 - which means it will be a "A Dangerous Search".  Second roll is a 63 - bringing us to the "Chamber of Horrors!"  To quote:

"A well-known noble has been acting strangely as of late and only leaves his residence during the night. The Warriors discover a chamber of horrors deep below his residence."

Cool - a Quest to slay the Vampire in his tomb before the sun rises.  I see this as requiring some kind of time deadline to keep the pressure on.  Maybe the players will roll 6D6 at the beginning of the adventure, and they have this many turns to get to the Objective Room before the sun sets and the Vampire rises.  The dungeon will use a special undead Monster table, and the Objective Room will contain Tomb Guardians and Skeletons.

But where to set the location of this noble's residence?  Since they're in Altdorf now, it makes sense to introduce a rumor about this Quest and have it located close by.  Over to the Super Huge, Detailed Map of the Warhammer Old World to see what kind of villages we have close to Altdorf.  Garndorf is about a two day trek from Altdorf according to the measuring tools that the Map provides.  A quick lookup on Wikipedia doesn't divulge too much detail about Garndorf, so it strikes me as a good place to set this Quest.

Time to flesh out a few Special Events, the Monster Table, Objective Room, and the Setup.  A very big thanks to Littlemonk for providing so many new Quest options to keep our games interesting!

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