Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stench from Below

The first concrete Quest based on the slew of Sewer Rules I've been publishing on the blog for the past week or so.

Quest Background

A pox is spreading through the slums of Altdorf.  Dozens have fallen victim to this plague, and the city is nearing a state of panic.  The cases are most highly concentrated in an area of the slums known simply as "The Muck".  Here, the sewage pools out of incessantly clogged sewers.  A foul odor of decay has been seeping out of the area, vile even by the standards of the slums.  Futhermore, mysterious cloaked figures have been spotted emerging from below.

A mid-level noble (Baron Lieder Von Keingelt) has been delegated to get to the bottom of this dirty mess.  With the College of Engineers staging a strike, he has commissioned the Warriors to venture into the neglected sewers of Altforf to discover the source of this plague.  He promises each Warrior 2D6x50 Gold for completing the assignment.

Special Rules

The Warriors are provided a couple of items to help them survive this difficult undertaking.  To offer some protection against the pox, the Temple of Sigmar provides the Decanter of Purity.  This holy relic contains anointed water that can cure disease.  The Warriors are told to use this precious resource only if absolutely necessary, and return any unused portion back to the Temple (see Reward).  After drinking from the Decanter (which indeed cures one disease inflicted upon the drinker), roll 1D6.  On a 1-3, the last drop is consumed, discard the Decanter.

Secondly, the College of Engineers has graciously provided the Warriors what maps they have of this section of the sewers, although the accuracy is dubious.  The Warriors can choose to use the Sewer Maps when they come to any kind of junction in the sewers.  When used, roll 1D6.  On a 1-2, the Maps provide misleading information - add 1 Sewer Dungeon Card to the top of each stack leading off from the current room.  Any other roll indicates that the Maps are somewhat helpful - the players can choose to benefit in one of two ways:

1. Pick the top card from one of the Dungeon Card stacks in the current room, and discard it if desired (unless it is the Objective Room).
2. Examine the backs of ALL of the Dungeon Cards leading off from the current junction room.  This will tell the Warriors where the Dungeon Rooms are located as opposed to the Sewer Tunnels, since the Sewer Tunnel Cards have differend card backs.

Dungeon Deck

The sewers of Altdorf are a lengthy and twisted maze of tunnels.  Use 13 Sewer Dungeon Cards instead of the 11 as stated in the Sewer Adventure rules.  The Objective Room for this Quest is the Summoning Room.

Event Cards

Use all of the Event Cards specified in the Sewer Events post, and add the following Special Event Cards to this deck:

1D6+2 Nurglings (x2)

1D3+1 Plaguebearers

1D6+1 Chaos Cultists and 1 Demagogue

2D6 Chaos Cultists

He Who Offends Nurgle
The misshapen form of a robed man staggers toward you, his flesh peeling, rotting, and falling off in pus-infused clumps.  One eyeball dangles from its socket.  "I can lead you to what you seek," he claims.
The Warriors can follow the figure if they choose, in which case he leads them to the Objective Room (the next time a Dungeon Room Card appears, it is the Objective Room).  However, each turn that they follow the plague-stricken individual, each Warrior must pass a Toughness Check, or they contract Nurgle's Rot (see RP Book).

Sacrificial Victims
You notice a pile of corpses lying alongside one of the walls in this chamber, a cloud of flies buzzing around them and dozens of rats scampering around.  You discover the Mark of Nurgle on the bodies, and note that all of them have been ritualistically murdered.
The Warriors know now that the Ruinous Power Nurgle is what they must contend with here.  This knowledge allows them to steel themselves up psychologically, increasing their Toughness by 1 for purposes of Toughness Checks against any kind of disease for the rest of the adventure.

Afflictions of Nurgle (White Dwarf)

Nurgle's Rot (RP Book)

Objective Room

In the Summoning Room, the Warriors interrupt a foul ritual.  A Chaos Warlock is busy reciting incantations next the the Summoning Circle!  Already, an amorphous form begins to materialize from wisps of swirling fog.  Unless the Warriors take him out quickly, the Summoning will be completed!

The bulk of the Cult of Nurgle that has been operating out of these sewers.  Place the following figures on the platform:

1D6+3 Chaos Cultists
3 Demagogues
1 Chaos Warlock

The Warlock does not attack or cast Spells, as he is busy trying to complete his incantations.  If he completes the Summoning, he needs to concentrate on controlling the summoned Monster.  He is, however, in possession of the Scintillant Cloak, which manifests as a shimmering multi-colored and flowing cloak.  Whenever the Warlock is hit by missile fire, roll 1D6.  On a 5+ the attack does not cause any damage, and in fact increases the Warlock's Wounds by 1.

During the first Power Phase after the Warriors enter, roll 1D6.  On subsequent Power Phases in which the Chaos Warlock still lives, add another die to the roll.  In any of the dice come up a 1, the Warlock has finished the ritual and a Beast of Nurgle materializes on the platform!

As long as the Chaos Warlock lives, the Beast will not attack any of the Cultists, and they are immune to its Slime Trail.  However, if the Warlock is killed, the Beast of Nurgle is freed, and will attack the closest figure, Warrior or Cultist, and the Cultists are subject to its Slime Trail.

If the Warriors defeat the Cult and its summoned Beast, they collect evidence of the Cult's operations: plans, logs, and other documents.  Locating a well-maintained ladder, they make the long climb back up to daylight, and the streets of Altdorf.

The Sealed Door

In the room the Warriors also discover a heavy, iron-bound wooden door that has been sealed shut from this side of the room.  Inscriptions on the door are clearly of Skaven origin!  Use this as a hook for a possible future adventure.


The Warriors have dealt a severe blow to the Cult of Nurgle in the City.  Returning to the surface with evidence of their ordeal, Vol Keingelt awards them official Writs of Honor allowing them to re-roll any Settlement Event sub-table rolls during this stay in the Settlement.  He will not offer any Gold until the Warriors bring up the subject of the promised payment.  At this point, roll on the table at the end of Von Keingelt's post to resolve the Gold payment.

Note that since the Warriors were under Altdorf in this Quest, they need not roll on the Travel Hazard table.  If the Warriors return the Decanter of Purity (having not consumed all of the contents) they are each awarded an additional 100 Gold by the Temple of Sigmar (one of the Warriors must visit the Temple to return the Decanter).

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