Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sewer Events

I will be using these new Dungeon Events for my Sewer-based adventures.

1D6 Giant Frogs (x2)

1D3 Crocodiles (x2)

Wave of Sewage
You hear an ominous roar getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the entire chamber is flooded with a surging wave of raw sewage, sweeping over everything in its path!
Determine a random direction for the wave - it will always come from one of the doorways in the current board section. Each figure on the board section is pushed in the direction of the wave for 2D6 squares, losing 1 Fatigue Point per square. Warriors that are pushed a square when they are at zero Fatigue Points begin to drown in the churning filth and lose 1 Wound per square. If a figure is blocked and unable to move further, they lose 1 Wound for each square they are unable to move, as the wave batters them relentlessly.

Sewer Pig
The party is adopted by a quite large pig that somehow found its way into the sewer system.
The pig squeals with delight at seeing its new companions, and it follows the Warriors around, moving after them (Movement 4) during the Warrior Phase.  It will try to remain just out of range of the Warriors but close enough to be a nuisance.  It is so loud that it causes an Unexpected Event on a roll of 1 or 2 during the Power Phase.  The Warriors can attack the pig - any hit will kill it.  But it is so accustomed to the environment that it effectively has Dodge 4+ and Magic Resistance 4+.  Each time it evades an attack, it squeals so loudly that if a 1 or 2 is rolled in the Power Phase next turn, two Event Cards are drawn instead of one.  Monsters ignore it as not a threat.  If the pig survives to the end of the adventure, the Warriors discover that it is actually a prize sow, and its grateful owner rewards them with 2D6x50 Gold to divide among them.

Razor Fish
You feel a sudden and sharp pain rip at your submerged ankles and calves.
The Razor Fish are drawn to blood, so each Wounded Warrior who is in a Sewer Tunnel board section must roll a number of dice equal to the number of Wounds they have currently lost. If any of the dice come up 1, they lose an additional Wound in the attack.

Sewer Gasses
A brilliant fireball suddenly surrounds the Leader, as the flame of the Lantern ignites a concentrated area of highly flammable sewer gas!
The Warrior with the Lantern takes 1D6 unmodified Wounds as the exposed flame flares up in a deadly fireball, and anyone adjacent to him takes 1D6 Wounds modified for Toughness.  All Warriors that fail a Toughness Check are knocked unconscious by breathing the gas. They can try to pass a Toughness Check at the start of every future turn to recover.

Sewer Urchin
In the distance you see the form of a small child peeking around a corner.  The poor kid is obviously lost in the sewers, who knows for how long!  However, he is very skittish of strangers and keeps his distance.
Place a mini to represent the lost child.  Put him as far away from the Warriors as possible while still being in visual range.  Each turn he moves in the Warrior Phase, after everyone else has moved, and with a Movement of 4 attempts to keep as far away as possible but still within the light of the Lantern.  Monsters will ignore the child as he is not a threat.  If a Warrior happens to end their turn adjacent to him, roll below:
1. The Urchin manages to deftly steal 1D6x20 Gold from the Warrior and slips away 4 squares.
2. The Urchin screams loudly, draw an Event Card, and then slips away 4 squares.
3. The Warrior makes brief eye contact, but the Urchin slips away 4 squares.  Add +1 to future rolls on this table for this Warrior.
4. The Warrior struggles with the Urchin, keeping hold of the squirming child.  The Warrior can spend their next turn trying to calm the boy down.  At that time, roll again at +1 on this table.
5. The Warrior manages to calm the child down, and he quietly tags along behind the Warriors.  When the adventure is over, he follows them out of the sewers and slips away into the streets.  The Warrior who rescued the child gains 1 Luck Token.
6. The Warrior calms the child as in 5 above.  At the end of the adventure, the boy leads the Warriors to his home.  There the Warrior is offered a reward, make a Gold roll at x20.

Sewer Fever
You begin to feel the onset of a powerful sickness creep into your bones.
For the remainder of the adventure, a random Warrior is -1 on two of their stats, player's choice.

Putrid Waters
Continued exposure to the filthy wastes in the sewer have caused the Warriors' perishables to spoil.
Each Warrior must discard 1D6 Provisions, Bandages, food items, or any other perishable items of their choice. The Warrior decides how many of each item to discard.

You feel a nagging itch and soreness develop in your foot. It grows stronger and stronger, hampering your ability to walk.
A random Warrior has contracted Glop-foot - a painful condition caused by constant marching in soggy boots. The Warrior's Movement is reduced by 1 for the remainder of the adventure.

You feel your inside start to churn, and your head reels. Unless you can get away from the others quickly you will find yourself in a very embarrassing position!
A random Warrior is infested with Dysentery, and must spend the next turn moving as far away from the other Warriors as possible, ignoring Pinning. During the following turn he can do nothing (you can imagine what's happening during that turn!) For the remainder of the adventure the Warrior operates at -1 Toughness, and the experience was so distressful that he loses 1 Starting Wound permanently.

Water Seepage
You notice that the wet conditions of the sewer have caused irreparable damage to some of your more  fragile items.
Each Warrior must roll 1D6 for any paper item he carries, such as a scroll. On a 1-3, the seepage has rendered the item useless, discard it.

Slashed Throat
There is a dark form sticking up from a puddle in the corner.  As you examine the scene, you roll over a bloated corpse with its throat cleanly slit.  You recognize the victim as someone from the Settlement who was rumored to the in thick with the Thieves' Guild.
Armed with this information, the Warriors can use it to re-roll any singly roll in the Settlement when dealing with any thug, thief, or other member of the underworld.  This benefit is valid only during the next visit to a Settlement.

The following Event Cards should also be included in the "Sewer Event Deck":

2D6 Giant Bats
Carnivorous Flies
Falling Block
2D6 Giant Spiders
Spore Fungus
Old Bones
Dead Body
Spider's Lair
2D6 Giant Rats
Acid Slime

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