Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The World's Greatest Dungeon Crawl

It seems like every time I turn around these days there is a new dungeon crawl board game coming out.  There have been many strong games in this genre, HeroQuest, Descent, Castle Ravenloft, just click here to see hundreds more.  But, in my opinion, none of them reach the level of perfection that Warhammer Quest does.

Here are some of the reasons why WHQ is the best dungeon crawler out there:
  • A plethora of Warrior types available, both "official" and fan-made.  This results in a limitless variety in the composition of the adventuring party.
  • A dungeon-generation system that splits the physical layout (Dungeon cards) from the events that occur in the dungeon (Event cards).
  • Prolific random tables that abstract what happens when travelling to a Settlement, and what can happen when you get there.  Although, this is also a current limitation of the experience, but one I hope we can rectify by pooling our resources into dynamic, online tables.
  • An advancement system that allows you to keep your Warriors that happen to survive, and lead them from Battle Level One to Battle Level Ten.
All of these elements are inherently expandable.  Want to add new dungeon tiles?  No problem, just mock up some new Dungeon cards that contain any special rules for the tiles, deal them into the Dungeon deck, and you're off.  The same goes for Events.  The basic Warhammer Quest box even came with empty Event Cards so you could add your own Monsters and Events to the mix.

The end result is a game that's never the same twice, but is consistently brutal.  If you manage to beat the Objective Room and survive a dungeon, you can be rightly proud of the accomplishment!  More often than not you'll be rolling up a new Warrior for the next attempt.

The purpose of this blog will be to provide new content that can be easily folded into the game to increase the variety and the fun.  Although WHQ might be out of print, it is still alive and well ... thriving in fact!  So, roll your to-hit die and hope for some Deathblows!  Here we go!

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