Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tomb Chamber

Continuing my series of posts on using the Objective Room Dungeon cards in a basic game of Warhammer Quest, we come to the Tomb Chamber.  When this room comes up during a dungeon exploration, I use the following rules:

Tomb Chamber - Special Rules
  • Roll 1d6, on a 1-3 there is one exit door, on a 4-6 there are 2 exit doors in the room.  All exit doors should be placed along the last row of squares in the room.
  • The Tomb Chamber Pre-Objective Room will trigger an Event on a 1-3 on 1d6.
  • The tomb squares themselves are impassible.
  • The tomb is sealed with a massive stone lid, and the Warriors can try to remove it if they dare.  Most likely there are foul gasses inside the ancient tomb that might debilitate the Warriors, but there is also the chance of great riches inside.  To open the lid, two Warriors must try, and they must both be adjacent to the tomb, but at opposite ends.  Each Warrior must do nothing else that Turn, and each must pass a Strength Check (roll 1d6 and add Strength, 7 or higher is successful).
  • If the Warriors manage to open the tomb, roll on the table below for traps:
    1. Lethal gasses escape the ancient tomb - each Warrior must pass a Toughness Check or is killed!
    2. A fetid gas seeps from the tomb - each Warrior will lose 1 Wound per Turn until they pass a Toughness Check at the beginning of the Warriors' Phase.
    3. A choking, stifling gas escapes the tomb, each Warrior will suffer from a fit of coughing until they pass a Toughness Check at the beginning of the Warriors' Phase, and suffer -1 on all to-hit rolls.
    4. The tomb smells incredibly stale, but there are no adverse effects from breaking the seal.
    5. 2d6 Giant Spider immediately spring from the tomb to attack the Warriors.
    6. The spirits of those interned in the tomb are not happy with the desecration!  The Warriors must face 1d3 Ghosts.
  • Should the Warriors survive the tomb's effects, each one can then roll 1d6.  On a 4, 5, or 6 that Warrior finds something of value inside and can take a Treasure card.

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