Thursday, July 6, 2017

Destroy the Warpfire Generator!

This is an adventure for use with Quirrik's Laboratory Objective Room.

The Warriors are tasked with penetrating a Skaven warren where the ratmen are hard at work repairing a dangerous device, the Warpfire Generator.  The Warriors must swarm the Objective Room, disrupt the repair efforts, and wipe out the Skaven present.

Quirrik's Laboratory
In the Objective Room are 2d6 Skavan Clanrats and 1 Skaven Champion.  Place the Skaven as close to the Warpfire Generator as possible.  The ratmen are repairing the device, and close to getting it functional again.  Each time a 1 is rolled in the Power Phase, instead of taking an Event Card, 1d6 Skaven Clanrats arrive to reinforce their brethren.

The Warpfire Generator begins with 10 "structural points".  Each turn, an adjacent Skaven can give up its attacks to repair the device, adding 1d6 points.  Once the Warpfire Generator reaches 24 structural points, it becomes operational (see rules in "Domain of the Horned Rat").  The Warriors can attack the Warpfire Generator, all attacks hit automatically, but the Generator has a Toughness of 3.  Once it is reduced to zero structural points, it explodes, dealing 2d6 wounds to everything in the board section.

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